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Ground and Flight training

Ground and Flight instruction available.  I am willing to travel for expenses and based on the amount of instruction. 


I am also offering fixed wing instruction in your experimental light sport aircraft.


I would recommend you get a copy of "Sport Pilot Checkride" ASA-F2F-CKRIDE and a copy of The Pilotís Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, these are good study guides.  If you like computer test preps the ASA Sport Pilot computer test prep is excellent.  You will definitely need a copy of the Practical Training Standards (FAA-S-8081-31 with change 1) for Weight-Shift Control if you do not already have one.  It is available on line (pdf), or for purchase at several pilot supply websites.  


All services/prices are negotiated at the time of scheduling.


Training will be done in your own (airworthy) fixed-wing airplane, trike or my Pegasus Quantum Sport Trike seen below.



I am based at Pam's Place Airport (78I), and I have a hangar spot available during training purposes only (this is on a limited, as needed basis and must be reserved ahead of time).  No charge for the hangar as long as we are consistently training during your visit.  When you go home you take your trike with you.  I am trying to accommodate as many people as I can.  We can discuss more than one trike if we bag the wings. 


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