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Ron Davis - Sport Pilot CFI

(weight shift control land and airplane single engine land)                                                                                             

My aviation biography

I have always had an interest in aviation.

1981---Decided to learn to fly when I graduated high school (took a ground school class in high school).

1983---Started out at Eagle Creek Aviation in a Cessna 152 and eventually finished my private pilot training in a Piper Tomahawk.

1985---Joined the US Air Force to be an F-16 Crew chief.  I received an expert training ribbon during my advanced individual training at Shepard AFB TX Aircraft Maintenance Tech School.  I spent my whole tour at Luke AFB Arizona.

1995---Started working on my commercial/instrument training at RAF flight school at Eagle Creek Airport (EYE).  Because of other financial obligations, I had to stop training for a while.

1997---I took my first ride in a pterodactyl Ultralight and realized that I could pursue aviation in a different format.

2000---I had my first introductory training lesson in a Pegasus Quantum 503 ultralight trike and got hooked on trikes.  Took my first lessons with Gene Dean.

2001---I bought a Pegasus Quantum 503 and received my ASC BFI rating in September  Took about 90 days.  Been a triker ever since.

2006---Sport Pilot Instructor WSCL 

2007---Added fixed wing to my Sport Pilot Instructor rating    

Please feel free to contact me at 317-979-2238


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